Teilnehmer des Kanban System Design Kurs sagten

Herzlichen Dank für die geniale Schulung, ich konnte mit dem Input schon einigen Team weiterhelfen. ich freue mich schon auch den zweiten Teil. =)

– Stefan G. – Rating: 10/10

I enjoyed a very competent and enthusiastic trainer who delivered an inspirational training. Although I already knew a lot about Kanban I could still pick up little nuggets of knowledge. He also managed the group well. I was impressed with his mix of media and how he transitioned between them. The training was very interactive and had almost a workshop character. I can strongly and wholeheartedly recommend Markus Wissekal as your Kanban trainer.

– Ralph M. – Rating: 10/10

I really appreciated the course. It was easy going, and yet I learned a lot. Exactly as I would hope a course to be.

– Karine Z. – Rating: 10/10

Sehr kompetenter Trainer mit viel Erfahrung, der uns sehr gut und strukturiert in die Welt des Kanban System Designs eingeführt hat.

– Tobias T. – Rating: 10/10

Der Kurs war einfach Hammergeil. Ich freue mich schon auf die Fortsetzung….

– Ulli H. – Rating: 10/10

Sehr gut strukturierte Darstellung authentischer Workshop

– Edith S. – Rating: 10/10

Attending the course was immense fun. The two days packed with information did not only leave me with theoretical info but gave me practical tools I could directly use the next business day after to improve the current workflows at my employer. Markus’ way of teaching is very focused itself, which helps learning a lot. Theory is followed by practice which helps getting the hands-on experience you need to ask the right questions on the spot.

– Thomas K. – Rating: 10/10

I wholeheartedly recommend the KMP I Seminar with Markus Wissekal. Not only because of his profound knowledge in this and adjacent methodologies, but because he has a knack for familiarizing a group with very heterogeneous professional backgrounds in a playful, hands-on way with the topic, allowing them to experience the principles of Kanban, which is so much more effective than learning by listening to the standard presenter.

– Esther S. – Rating: 10/10

– experienced coach
– very structured approach
– interactivity and visualization make the understanding very good
– definitely book

– Riza G. – Rating: 10/10

A comprehensive, in-depth and relaxed introduction into Kanban as a method, systems thinking approach from Kanban (called STATIK) and Kanban basics. Great style, good examples, good food. Markus knows an answer to everything, thanks a lot, must visit.

– Steven K. – Rating: 10/10

Nice delivery of the Kanban introduction. Very enjoyable training. Markus answers the questions/needs of each participant. He’s friendly and doesn’t look down on people. Highly recommended trainer 🙂

– Krisna H. – Rating: 10/10

Thank you Markus !!Looking forward to the next training with you 🙂

– Fia P. – Rating: 10/10

Excellent Trainer, positive friendly attitude, fun learning, engaged with participants, many practical examples and hands on learning. Well done, thanks!

– Boris B. – Rating: 10/10